Electromechanical Services

All kinds of Electrical and Mechanical solutions for residential, commercial and industrial units. Following safety measures for all electrical installations and providing trusted quality services. Highly qualified engineers and team members delivering the services to innumerable customers through UAE.

  1. Design and Engineering
  2. Maintenance and Support
  3. Installation
  4. Procurement and Commissioning
  5. Annually and monthly contract available

To iluminate any building or premises one is very particular about its lightning sysytems which is of many types from regular to sylish to the premium or exclusive, now a days with so lot verieties of lightining fixtures available in the market place. Whether you require a completely new electrical installation or maintenance and repair work to existing electrical areas, we are at your service to offer the right solutions and ensure a safe living environment. A property in Dubai requires an efficient flow of electricity to be fully functioning and safe for the residents of the home. Electricity will be the source of power for lighting, heating water, A/C and various appliances around the home. We will make sure your electricity is connected properly, well-maintained and running efficiently to save on energy bills.